Travel Routes Colombia

19 June 2023. Posted in Blog EN Travel Routes Colombia

Choosing the right travel route for your long journey can be quite a puzzle. You want to get the most out of your holiday and also have enough time to enjoy and relax in the meantime. Read on for more advice for the best itineraries in Colombia. How do you choose which route is the […]

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Top 10 Cafes in Medellin

19 June 2023. Posted in Blog EN Top 10 Cafes in Medellin

Colombia is known for high-quality coffee. Because the demand in the world is high for this coffee, most of the coffee that grows in Colombia gets exported, for a higher price than the local market offers. This means that many Colombians actually drink low quality coffee. However, there are cafes in Medellin that offer this […]

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Tayrona National Park

19 June 2023. Posted in Blog EN Tayrona National Park

Tayrona National Park is located about 1 to 1.5 hours drive from Santa Marta. This impressive natural park has everything you would expect from a tropical destination: jungle, palm trees, beautiful beaches and a Caribbean climate. HOW TO GET TO TAYRONA NATIONAL PARK The paradise Tayrona National Park has a size of no less than […]

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19 June 2023. Posted in Blog EN Concepción

Looking for an authentic Colombian place that is not touristy but where there is plenty to do? Concepción is the place! Only 1.5 hours from Medellin it is a perfect daytrip off the beaten track. It is located at 1,875 meters above sea level with just 5000 inhabitants. The municipality was declared “Cultural and Historical […]

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Jericó – Culture and Nature

19 June 2023. Posted in Blog EN Jericó – Culture and Nature

This is a typical Antioquian town located in the coffee region of Colombia. Great to stroll through and admire the well-maintained colonial houses and take pictures of the streets with 100 and 80 stairs. Jerico is famous for its leather handmade goods and a perfect place to learn more about Colombian country side life with […]

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13 June 2023. Posted in Blog EN Minca

Minca is becoming an increasingly popular destination to visit. This small village near Santa Marta has a lot to offer for nature lovers and those who love impressive views over mountain landscapes. The village of Minca itself is small and has no more than a few streets, but the area has a lot to offer. […]

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C02 Compensation

13 June 2023. Posted in Blog EN C02 Compensation

We are becoming increasingly aware of our impact on the earth. Traveling is a lot of fun, and it can also improve the development of a country like Colombia. New jobs are created, infrastructure is improved, and people are beginning to see the importance of preserving their own culture and nature. However, we also know […]

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A special place in Colombia, located south of Bogota in the department of Huila. The spectacular Tatacoa Desert is the second largest dry zone in Colombia after the La Guajira Peninsula. The impressive landscapes that seem like you are on another planet will stay on you mind for a long time. HOW TO GET TO […]

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Colombian Food

12 June 2023. Posted in Blog EN Colombian Food

What is the food like in Colombia? Is it beans with rice every day? It is true that Colombians do like beans with rice, however there is much more to it. Every region has their own specialties and international food is becoming more and more available. Breakfast A typical Colombian breakfast is arepa with scrambled […]

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