24 Days Ultimate Experience

24 Days Ultimate Experience

Do you want to discover all parts of Colombia? Have the ultimate experience of the jungle, city, desert,mountains, two coasts all in 1 trip? Then this packed itinerary is the choice for you!   

  • Bogotá 
  • Neiva
  • San Agustin
  • Popayan
  • Medellin
  • Coffee Region
  • Pacific Coast
  • Cartagena
    Day 1


    After your international flight you will be picked up at the apartment and taken to your hotel for a good night’s rest.

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    Day 2


    Explore the most beautiful neighborhood of  Colombia’s capital city, La Candelaria. You will discover the colorful street art. Visit the Museum of Colombia’s famous figurative artist and sculptor Fernando Botero, famous for his proportionally exaggerated paintings and sculptures. Gaze over the beauty of pre-Columbian gold in the Gold Museum.

    Finish the day with a stunning view over the city from the Monserrate view point.

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  • Desert
    Day 3


    Fly from Bogota to Neiva and drive about 45 min to VillaVieja for your overnight stay. This small town is the gateway to the Tatacoa Desert and you will already sense the different climate and atmosphere.

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    Day 4


    Leave in the morning to explore Tatacoa desert and explore the stunning landscape at your own pace.

    You will visit El Cuzco with deep red sand and termite like hills and the grey moon like landscape Los Hoyos. Your driver will stop and give you time to walk around whenever you prefer. Try one of the local refreshments a cactus juice. Also pack your swimsuit because you can go swimming in the middle of the desert! For lunch, you will go back to your hotel and you will have the afternoon of relaxing.

    Around 6pm you will be picked up at your hotel to visit the planetarium. The outdoor show starts around 7pm and you will be explained all about our and other galaxies. Depending on the weather (if it is cloudy or not), you will be able to see hundreds of thousands of stars, since this region is not spoiled by light pollution.

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    Day 5


    Leave in the morning to drive or fly to San Agustin.

    There lies one of the most important and impressive archaeological excavations in South America, known for its stone statues, embedded in a stunning green mountain landscape. We will visit the archaeological park and, in the afternoon, we will go on a horseback riding tour, passing by coffee plantations, to see further archaeological sites.

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    Day 6


    Today we will visit the strait of the Magdalena River which is only 2meters wide, the narrowest part of the river. Afterwards, we will visit the archaeological sites close to the village Isnos „Alto de los Idolos“ and „Alto de las Piedras“.

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    Day 7


    We will start on the gorgeous ride through the cleft Andes towards Popayán. The city was founded in 1537 by Sebastian Belalcazar who was on his way from Quito to the north to find the legendary treasure of Eldorado.

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    Day 8


    We will go for a walk through the so-called „White City“, thus many public and private buildings are traditionally painted in white.

    If you are in Popayán on a Tuesday you can visit the indigenous market in Silvia.

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    Day 9


    Morning at leisure to relax and walk around Popayán town. Afterwards you will fly to the “City of Eternal Spring” Medellin.

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  • Medellin
    Day 10


    Located in the Andean highlands of Antioquia, is nowadays the most innovative city of Latin America.

    Its recent past was strongly related to the life of Pablo Escobar and violent gang fights. During the last twenty years Medellín went through some drastic changes. An innovative program of urban development that combines modern means of public transport and the construction of public parks and areas of recreation for the local people turned Medellín from the most dangerous city in the world into a modern example of urban transformation. Explore the Andean capital of Colombia on a full day tour. Get an insight of the history of city visiting the “Pueblito Paisa” and enjoy perfect views of the city. Explore the famous Botero Plaza downtown with an exhibition of the Colombian artist Fernando Botero, whose sculptures have become a landmark of the city. Take the Metro Cable up to Santo Domingo, which was once a notorious area of gang violence in Medellín. The cable car was constructed to make the inner city more accessible to people from the outskirts and allows visitors a glimpse into the lives of the marginalized population. At the Comuna 13 district with its unique escalators you observe another innovative project that improved the quality of life of the people of Medellín.

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    Day 11


    Today you will visit the famous El Peñol rock, just 1,5 hours drive from Medellin. Climb the rock with 700 steps and enjoy the magnificent view from the top over the lake.

    After the rock you will continue to the most colorful town of Medellin, Guatape. The town is famous for its ‘zocalos’, beautiful wall paintings representing the purpose of each house. The English speaking guide will explain about the history of the town and you will have some time to walk around on your own.

    In the late afternoon you will be taken to your unique accommodation where you will stay in a beautiful ‘Mush-Room’ a comfortable large dome tent with king size bed. Here you will enjoy an amazing sunset with a view of El Peñol rock.

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  • Coffee Region
    Day 12

    Coffee Region

    Fly to Armenia in the heart of the coffee region. Stay at a beautiful boutique Hacienda with swimming pool where you have some time to relax and enjoy the tranquility while the occasional hummingbird flies by.

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  • Coffee Tour
    Day 13

    Coffee Tour

    In the morning depart to a coffee finca to learn all about Colombian coffee culture. During the tour you will learn about the whole coffee process from seeds to a brewed cup of coffee. Of course you have the opportunity to try the fresh Colombian coffee yourself.

    The afternoon at leisure or an optional hike through the mountains.

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    Day 14


    This morning we will head to the town Pijao. From there we will take a traditional Willy Jeep for a 12 km ride. Enjoy the ride through the high tropical landscapes of Andino. Along the way we will spot native Colombian birds, plants and the Yarumo tree. We have the opportunity to visit a small school with only 8 students. From here we start a 3 hour hike to Palmas de Cera. In the afternoon we will return to Pijao and visit a La Floresta coffee shop where you will learn how organic coffee is made. You will have free time to walk around the town and take pictures.

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    Day 15


    Visit the highest palm trees in the world located in a beautiful valley.

    There are various hiking options depending on your desire and capacity. You can choose to do a full adventurous hike of 5 – 6 hours which will lead you through open landscape, dense forest, crossing rivers (over wobbly hanging bridges), going up to 2,860m and you will end the hike rewardingly in the valley with the palm trees. Half way you can visit a Hummingbird sanctuary and try a cup of agua panela (kind of tea with sugar cane)

    You can also choose for easier hikes of 1 to 3 hours. For all hikes good hiking shoes are recommended.

    If you chose the shorter option you can enjoy a cup of Colombian coffee or fresh fruit juice while enjoying the landscape.

    After your hike you can explore the town of Salento and have a typical trout dish.

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    Day 16


    Start early at 6am for a unique experience, a hot air balloon flight over the coffee region.

    Head back to the Hacienda for a delicious lunch and take a break to let all the impressions of the past weeks settle in. In the late afternoon found out where chocolate comes from. Do you know what a fruit looks like? During a cocoa workshop you will see and learn the whole process and taste the delicious Colombian chocolate.

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    Day 17


    It is time to leave the coffee region and head to another completely different part of Colombia, the Pacific Coast.

    Reaching the Pacific Coast is already part of the adventure! From Medellín you will fly over a 20-passenger plane for almost an hour over the mountains of Antioquia and then the Chocoan forest towards the town of Nuquí, where you will board a boat that crosses the Gulf of Tribugá for 45 minutes, bordering the Serranía del Baudó. Already here you will possibly have your first sightings of whales, fish, dolphins and pelicans (depending on the season).

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    Day 18


    Here you can enjoy endless beaches, virgin rain forest, waterfalls, hot springs and one of the most diverse flora and fauna in the world.

    Ideal for nature lovers or for those who want to relax and enjoy an unforgettable sunset from above, accompanied by a cocktail with ingredients from the region.

    Humpback whales or yubartas visit every year between July and October to mate and give birth to their young. Because of its status as a protected area and nature reserve, it is a privileged site for sighting, which can be achieved from the beaches, in boat rides or from the hammock in your room.

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    Day 19


    Spend the day enjoying this protected paradise.

    This 545 square kilometer national park was created in 1987 to preserve several unique aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems of the region, including 17,401 hectares of tropical rain forest, coral reefs and mangroves. The park consists of jungle mountains that arise directly from both sides of the narrow inlet, creating a truly spectacular landscape. In addition to its natural beauty, there are many activities available in the park such as hiking, whale watching, canoeing, kayaking and snorkeling.

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    Day 20


    In the morning visit the indigenous community the “Chori”

    On the Chori River, there is an indigenous village open to tourists, where 450 natives of the Embera tribe reside. Here you can talk with the natives, visit their city, learn about their culture and buy some souvenirs from the masters of crafts.

    In the afternoon visit the Hot Springs. Relax in the thermal water wells, located next to a cool stream of fresh water within the jungle. In addition there is a delicious restaurant with native cuisine and a beautiful spa area that offers its services in high season. The thermal waters give the name to his town, Termales.

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    Day 21


    From the Pacific coast you will fly to a whole other type of coast, the Caribbean coast.

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    Day 22


    Half day city tour where you will visit the most important monuments, such as the Clock Tower, official entrance to the walled city.

    Behind it, we will find the monument of Don Pedro de Heredia, the founder of Cartagena de Indias (1533). The guide will tell you the history of the foundation of Cartagena and will share interesting information full of legends and pirates.

    The rest of the day at leisure so you walk around the city to take some stunning pictures for back home and try some of many top restaurants.

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  • Beach
    Day 23


    Leave in the morning and take a boat to a beautiful island for a day of relaxing. Drink a cold coconut or cocktail while enjoying the blue sea and tropical palm trees. Optional snorkeling.

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  • Fly Home
    Day 24

    Fly Home

    Transfer to Cartagena Airport for your flight home.

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