Santander is known for the impressive Chicamocha Canyon, the colonial village of Barichara and the watersports in San Gil

Chicamocha Canyon

This valley is 2000 meters deep and 227 km long, making it deeper than the famous Gran Canyon! The Chicamocha National Park, also known as “Panachi” (PArque NAcional del CHIcamocha), is located in the heart of the Chicamocha Canyon.

The most popular activity in the valley is the cable car that goes down 1200 meters and up the other side. In total, the cable car is 6.3 km long, making it the longest of its kind in the world! From the gondola you have an incredible view over the valley.

What to do in Chicamocha Park?

For an adrenaline rush try the extreme Swing, a large swing across the valley. You can also visit the water park, descend a waterfall, zip lining and much more.

Canyon River Rafting
In the Chicamocha valley you can also do other activities such as Canyon River Rafting for advanced rafters with class IV rapids. While rafting you will see parts of the Chicamocha Canyon that cannot be reached even by car. At the end of the activity, visit a tobacco farm in the middle of the canyon where a local family will prepare a late lunch for you.

Colombia’s largest climbing park “La Mojarra” has several climbing routes for beginners and professionals. It is a tough climb that is rewarded with incredible views and tranquility of the canyon.

Canyon paragliding
The Chicamocha Canyon is known as the most impressive paragliding site in Colombia and one of the best in the world. Unlike many other paragliding spots, you can fly up to 2000 meters above the ground, weather conditions permitting. Before you start the flight, you will be provided with the equipment and detailed safety instructions. The professional guide will also explain interesting facts to you about the place and the winds that are different from other paragliding sites.


Known as the prettiest village in Colombia, Barichara is famous for its colonial architecture, its small cobbled streets, adobe houses and craft workshops and shops. You will see antique churches, chapels, cemeteries, sculptures and parks. One of the crafts in this village is handmade paper from the local plant Fique, you will get the chance to make your own paper.

On the edge of the village there are great viewpoints of the Suarez Canyon, which you can visit during a hike. If you like walking then the “Camino Real” is definitely a must. It is a trail built 150 years ago by the well-known German immigrant Geo von Lengerke. The full hiking trail is about 5 km long and takes about 2 hours. You can also choose to do only part of the walk.

San Gil

San Gil is known for its extreme (water) sports. This is the place for water rafting, bungee jumping, canyoning, caving, rafting, paragliding, zip lining and mountain biking. Do these activities safely with our expert guides who are used to working with foreign tourists and who comply with all safety regulations.