Culture & History

Culture & History

Colombia is the place to cultivate the mind of culture and history lovers. Colombia’s very diverse culture is a product of its rich heritage and unique history with Native Indian, African and European influences.

Discover Colombia’s colonial towns and go back to the early 16th century, when the Spaniards started settling in Colombia. Think about Cartagena (UNESCO-listed), Popayan, Tunja or one of the many other colonial towns that are inviting guests to explore their charming, colonial architecture.

The Amazon jungle and Tayrona Park are some of the precious places of Colombia where indigenous tribes still hold sway in their little jungle villages. Have a look in their lives and the way they live in wonderful harmony with nature. Furthermore, the country boasts of museums, churches and national monuments to learn all about its history and the different cultures.

The happy Colombians are very warm and friendly people who will welcome you with open arms. Being proud of their country and all it has to offer, they love to share their food, handicrafts, arts, museums, architecture and many more. Once in Colombia you will hear music everywhere, ranging from salsa to vallenato, merengue and romantic Latin music styles.

Grab your chance to get in touch with the local cultural traditions and learn all about the country’s rich history!