Colombia is a premium destination for Birdwatching

Being home to more bird species than any other country on the planet.

In Colombia almost 2000 different bird species can be found. On top of that, 80 species only exist in Colombia’s natural habitat. With many amazing places to go bird watching, bird spotters, nature lovers and photographers can get themselves ready for some memorable experiences!

Each Colombian region is home to specific bird species. Enjoy a bird watching experience in the hot spot of biodiversity of the tropical rainforests of the Pacific Coast, while being guided by a local expert. Visit the mountains of Santa Marta in the Colombian Carribean region for the highest concentration of endemic birds. Go out at first light and see many birds in a short time in the montane sub-tropical forests of Antioquia, the department of Medellín. Spot some beautiful, aquatic birds in the Amazon jungle or go to the cloud forests of Los Nevados and get overwhelmed by these places.

To optimize the chance of identifying a bird, local experts of the national network of bird observers take visitors along the best routes. From eagles like the great harpy eagle, hawks and parrots, to 200 species of hummingbirds, elegant, pink flamingos and bright-green toucans: the birds of Colombia won’t let you down.