Barrio Boxing

Barrio Boxing

We offer a unique tour in a real barrio in Medellin! Get away from the tourist area and visit a neighborhood that shows the reality of how many Colombians live.

We take you to barrio La Honda where you will meet local boxing trainers Diego and Veronica. Both are fanatical boxers with quite a few won matches under their belt. They are from the neighborhood and can tell you about their lifepath.

In an hour training you will learn the basics about boxing, or if you are already experienced you will get an advanced training. The training takes place on the outdoor court and inside the boxing gym. From the outdoor court you enjoy an incredible view over the city.

After the boxing class it is time to get to know more about barrio La Honda. You will do a walk around the foundation where you will see how the families live there, usually under challenging circumstances. Feel free to ask any questions about their living situation, their culture and day-to-day life.

After a refreshment we will take you back to your accommodation.

Not many people can say they participated in boxing classes in a rough neighborhood in Medellin, Colombia!

By participating in this tour, you are supporting the Box2Grow program by Mi Barrio Mi Sueño. The goal of the program is to support girls and women of all ages, who are disadvantaged by poverty and gender violence. By providing free boxing classes to them the program aspires to improve their self-confidence and self-esteem. This program will ultimately empower them to use their voice by coming together and building a better future for themselves and their community. the boxing coaches will teach participants to set boundaries and to discover for themselves where those boundaries are.

Through social and emotional skills training we will create a safe environment where the girls and women can be themselves, be allowed the opportunity to openly express their thoughts and emotions in healthy ways, and learn to deal with their feelings and any previous trauma that they may have experienced. This holistic approach will help them feel comfortable in their bodies and in their minds. We want to give the participants the feeling that they are seen and listened to.

The teachers are also from this neighborhood so they know the struggles of living there. Next to this we also create jobs for the teachers so this will empower them to support their families.

We include safe transport to and from the foundation from your hotel, English speaking guide, an hour boxing class, a tour through the neighborhood (depending on the weather) and a refreshment.

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